Fusion Massage Training.

Fusion Massage is highly effective deep tissue massage designed to get to the root of clients aches and pain. There is no set routine in Fussion Massage; instead the practitioner is trained to diagnose what the problem is and where it stems from. We place a great of emphasis on massaging the hands, head and feet. In western understanding of the body we are working on the skin, fascia, musculature and all the connective tissue. In Easter understanding we are working on the meridians and the body's energy. The beauty of fusion massage is that it does not focus on one or the other exclusively, what effects one impacts on the other so we are treating the body as a whole, fusing techniques from Western and Eastern traditions; we can treat a wide range of problems by using these techniques.

Fusion Massage Training is based in the UK but brings its training around the world. There are 4 parts to the training:

Part 1 is an online Anatomy and Physiolgy course, you can study this at your own pace and in your own home wherever you are in the world.

Part 2 is reading pack looking at the importance of massage around the world and how it has been used as an important part of healthcare throughout history.

Part 3 is the main hands-on course. Each day our teacher will demonstrait a section of the massage, always practicing the whole massage as we go so that you will know how to diagnose and treat clients and able to give an effective massage.

Part 4 is where you get to reflect on your training as you massage friends and family, writing up case studies as you do, once these case studies are submitted you are able to get full insurance so that you can massage professionaly.

In London we offer courses in Sutton which are taught in English and in Richmond where classes are available in Russian.

Marina Shtefan who teaches our Richmond Russian courses is an experienced practitioner who runs a busy clinic in Richmond. Originaly from Krasnodar in Russia, she has lived in the UK for the last 12 years.

Please visit www.fusionmassage.com or full details and booking.

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